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 Aluminium StackBoard

 Higher Strength、Higher Capacity、Fuel Saving

 In order to reduce the damage produced by transport process,
 Cars used for fruit,flowers usually use movable wooden pallets.
 Also, it could add the capacity .

 However, heavy wooden pallets have lower intensity,
 and its top surface won't in the same horizontal plane.
 Due to these disadvantages, wooden pallets not only cost more fuel,
 but also cost more labor resource.

 Most important of all, when the trucks running,
 vibration on the moving always damage the carring goods.
 It results the unnecessary wear and tear.

 To meet the desire of industry,
 Aluben develope high strength aluminum alloy pallet.

 Double-skin structure、High rigidity、Less road vibration

 All upper surface of pallets are in the same horizontal plane,
 Sliding smoothly makes unloading cargo easier.

 With lots of advantages, customers praise!


Fruit Stackboard

Length 2.47m, Width 240mm,Hheight 53mm, Weight 8.5kg,Static load : 2 tonnes


Flower Stackboard:Length 1.79m ,Width 250mm,Height 33mm, Weight 4.9kg

花卉 盆景隔層棧板



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