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 Aluminium Material    

   Sales of aluminium extrusions and sheets for truck, trailer and bus bodies

  We offer standard profiles and customer made profiles.

  Aluminium extrusion alloys      :6N01, 7N01, etc.
  Maximum length of aluminium extrusions :15 m

  Aluminium sheet and coil alloys     :5052, 6061, HK-34, etc.
  Maximum width of aluminium sheets   :2.5m

  Used For:

  A. Chassis of truck, trailer and bus.
  B. Tipper, tank, wing, van, framed bodies, etc.

     Download Aluminium Extrusions DM


  Synergic Aluminium Pulse Mig Welding Equipment
  Aluminium Mig Welding Wire (5356, 5183, etc.)

  Because aluminum welding and processing characteristics are quite different from iron,
  L&C also provides technical advisory services.



   Qualified for international standard

  Body building is a combination of industry expertise and experience.  
  L&C not only develope commonality of aluminum profiles and accessories,
  but also coordinate with customers to design special aluminium profiles.

  With competitive prices and quality, L&C has confidence to be your best partner!


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