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 Aluben Aluminium Truck Body

 Higher Strength

  Unlike steel can only forms into simple shapes,
  according to the use, aluminium can form into various shapes.

  In other words, aluminum design can coordinate the use,
  therefore the aluminum material structure strength is higher than steel one.
  It's more suitable to carry the deadweight cargo.

  For example,our company's proprietary product:
  The crossbeam double-decked aluminum alloy bedboard

  According to the strength test, the aluminium bedboard
  which length 22 feet、width 8.2 feet won't distort
  untill the load capacity over 142 tons.

  The customer approves :An aluminum bed may arrive at the iron bed two lives!


  After oxidation, aluminium will form a film,
  which could protect the aluminium from further oxidation.

  According to the experiment in Florida,

  6061 aluminum alloys, 316 stainless steel, the 0.25C carbon steel,
  simultaneously soak in the sea for 16 years.

  The carbon steel corrodes 9,080 grams (9.08 kilograms)
  The stainless steel corrode 1,460 grams (1.46 kilograms)
  The aluminum alloy only corrodes 60 grams!

  Higher Capacity

  The density of aluminum is approximately 1/3 of iron
  therefore, the aluminum alloy truck body is lighter

  Take the 27.8 feet wing one for example,
  it's lighter than iron one about 1.6 ton.
  It means -- we can carry 1.6 ton more than before.

  Income may increase about:
  1.6 ton × Nt$ 1,300/ton × 200 times/year = NT$ 416,000

  Fuel Saving

  According to lots of experiments, it is said that:
  when the truck and trailer body weight 1 ton lighter,
  it could approximately save 5~12 % fuel.

  Lightweight Data: WingTipper, Tank, Van,Framed bodies

  Take the 27.8 feet wing one for example,
  it's lighter than iron one about 1.6 ton.

  If we spend NT$ 60,000 on the fuel per month before,
  when we update to aluminium body, it can properly save 8%.
  Therefore, we could save 60,000 * 8%/ton * 1.6 ton = NT$7,680 per month


  The anodizing aluminium has good appearance,
  it's easy cleaning and maintenance.

  The iron one has to repaint per 2 years.
  It waste lots of time and money.


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